Easy cooking,
great taste

Mussel & Steam is a ready-made dish with fresh Zeeland Mussels, in a unique steam packaging.
The package is complete, with fresh vegetables and sauce and can be put in the microwave.

Steam in the microwave

Place Mussel & Steam in the microwave for a few minutes.
The seawater from the mussel is heated to steam by the microwave.
This way, the mussels will be cooked perfectly in a few minutes.
By steaming the mussels and vegetables, vitamins and minerals ànd the rich taste are preserved.
This way you can easily and quickly enjoy the delicious taste of fresh Zeeland mussels.

Discover the flavours


Pierce the foil twice with a fork.

Set the microwave according to instructions (see top of package) and steam the mussels until done.

Open the foil with scissors or a knife. Watch out, the steam released is hot!

Stir the ingredients in the package or on a plate. Enjoy your meal!

No microwave? No problem !

You may also prepare the contents of a Mussel & Steam package in a pan. Put a splash of water in a (soup) pan. When the water boils, add the entire content of Mussel & Steam. Put the lid on the pan and cook the mussels. The cooking time is the same as the steaming time.

Enjoy your meal!

Recycle the package

The foil can be separated from the cardboard. The cardboard can be used again as a fully-fledged raw material. The film is allowed to be disposed of with the plastic waste.

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