Who are we

The Seafood Steam Group is a partnership of 3 parties;

Marko van de Plasse: initiator and creator of Mussel & Steam.
“My roots are in Zeeland and therefore I am linked to mussels. I was born and raised in Yerseke. My father had a shellfish processing business there. In my childhood I could be found there on weekends and holidays” Read the full story>

Neeltje Jans: The fresh mussels in Mussel & Steam are from Neeltje Jans, a dynamic mussel breeding company from Zeeland. The company cultivates top-quality mussels. It has nutrient-rich mussel plots in the Oosterschelde and the Wadden Sea and is the owner of the largest mussel farm in the Netherlands.

As a Zeeland mussel company, Neeltje Jans has programs with various nature preserving organizations and the government to cultivate mussels in a sustainable way and to contribute to nature restoration of the Wadden Sea and the Oosterschelde. Mussels from Dutch waters are proven sustainable. These mussels may carry the MSC quality mark. In addition, the Neeltje Jans is certified as a supplier of 100% ‘Zeker Zeeuwse’ Mussels.

De Zeeuwse Mossel (DZM): specialized in catching, breeding, processing and selling fresh and frozen shellfish. The Mussel & Steam products are produced in the production facility. DZM production facility.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of the Seafood Steam Group is based on 3 pillars:

  • The love for mussels
  • Fresh and healthy food
  • Sustainability, both in terms of product and packaging

Co-owner and founder Marko van de Plasse says:

My roots are in Zeeland and therefore I am linked to mussels. I was born and raised in Yerseke. My father had a shellfish processing business there. In my childhood I could be found there on weekends and holidays. First of course as a side job, but after my studies also full time, in sales.

The idea

I made only one side step, to selling packaging materials. But even then, the link with seafood was quickly made: on a cozy mussel evening with friends we ate mussels from the steam oven. I thought they were delicious! But couldn’t it be possible to steam mussels without a steam oven …? The idea of “steaming fresh mussels in the microwave” was born.

Innovative partners

Neeltje Jans was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. With their expertise and many years of experience in the field of mussels and my idea and knowledge of the packaging world, we have developed this innovative packaging; a 90% recyclable packaging, with all the ingredients already in it and in which you can steam the mussels in the microwave in just a few minutes. Finally, we came to De Zeeuwse Mossel – the third partner – where we could house the production.

Sustainable and healthy

Mussel & Steam is produced as sustainably and healthy as possible. We consider that as very important. We only use natural ingredients. Fresh Zeeland Mussels, freshly cut vegetables, dried herbs and some ingredients for the sauces. The packaging is also as sustainable as possible. We prefer to use as few materials as possible. The packaging that we have now is ideal for steaming the mussels and uses as little plastic as possible. The plastic and the cardboard can be separated and can be recycled separately.

The flavours

The four flavours of Mussel & Steam were developed together with a number of important buyers from the Belgian and French markets. A specialized company has helped us put together the ingredients. I don’t like cheese myself, so I can’t say much about the Roquefort flavour. Although, I have been told that that variant is very tasty with a fresh plate of pasta. I do like the other flavours equally as much. I like to eat the White Wine Cream and the Natural flavour with French fries and the Marinière is delicious with tapas.

The future

I see a positive future ahead of me. Mussel & Steam is getting more and more listings. This way more and more people can enjoy the convenience of deliciously steamed fresh Zeeland mussels. Just at home, from the microwave. We are already looking at other crustaceans and shellfish. I would like to introduce everyone to the delicious fresh products from the sea!


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